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Construction is one of those industries that is actively adopting drone services, and many
companies have seen huge gains by incorporating drone services in their workflows.
With the help of aerial data collection, commercial contractors
Can gain a unique perspective and even offer their clients safe, fast, and accurate monitoring of
progress to detect errors in the early stages. Apart from that, the contractors can even share
the collected data easily across various shareholders and teams to streamline the
communication and decision-making process.

Further, with the latest innovations in drone technology, contractors can now create accurate
3D models and reports, which can save businesses hundreds and thousands of pounds over the
course of a project.

Map Drone Solutions: Deliverables


Assistance with pre-bid

Those offering construction services can benefit a lot from Map Drone Solutions. Our services
help commercial framing contractors submit faster and more detailed bids to their prospective
With the help of high-definition imagery to photogrammetry, our services can help contractors
● Site surveys
● Elevation measurements
● Site-to-plan comparisons
This way, the contractors can easily streamline communication and decision-making processes
throughout each project.

Job site reports

Using our drone solutions, the providers of commercial construction services can easily keep
track of what’s happening on their site from the comfort of their office.

Our job site documentation services include:
● Progress comparisons
● Cut/Fill reporting
● Progress to plan reports
● Equipment tracking
● Stockpile management

Ease of communication

Whether you are a new build or commercial remodeling contractors, Map Drone Solutions can
create accurate, high-resolution 3D models and online reports of sites using aerial imagery,
video, and data collection. Typically collected on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis, the
data can be easily shared across project teams and shareholders without the need to visit
potentially hazardous sites.

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